Our Services

Collection & drop off     

We offer a collection and drop off service for all our existing customers in the local areas. For the first visit we ask you to come and meet us and see the salon, there is also a grooming registration form to fill in which gives us information regarding your dog’s health and behaviour. Once you’ve registered you can then request to use the pickup and drop off service.

Full Groom

Health check, nails cut, ears plucked, ears cleaned, anal gland expressed, washed twice, conditioned, towel dried, blow dried, brushed, combed, bum shaved, pads shaved, genital area shaved, hair cut, hair styles and finished, choice of colognes applied.

Allow 2 to 3 hours for a full groom.

Nail Clipping

All nail clipping is £5 regardless of size or breed. All dogs have the same nails so why pay more for large breed nail clipping?

As all dogs are different sizes, shapes and conditions, prices are given on request depending on these factors. Here are a few examples of rough prices.

Please ask for the price of your specific breed and your requirements. Prices depend on coat condition and breed so please feel free to ask for a price. Discount for group bookings. Hand stripping is more expensive because of the extra extent of work required.

Collection and Drop off £5
Nail Clipping £5
Teeth Cleaning £10
Wash and blow dry £20
Labrador £30
Shih-Tsu £35
Cocker Spaniel £38
German Shepherd £50

Ticks & Fleas

Ticks will be removed if found

If we find fleas there will be an extra £5 added, this is to cover the cost of flea treatment for your dog as well as de-fleaing products for the salon.

Products & Equipment

To provide the perfect finish you must use the finest tools. All our tools and equipment are top of the range, from our clipper blades to our scissors. We only use the best!

We only use the best possible products on your dog. We have various shampoos and conditioners which are specific for the various coat types and breeds. Our colognes are the finest available as are all our products. This is how we make your dog as soft as possible leaving a long lasting smell that you’ll love.

Our products, like our equipment, are also the best on the market.

Please note, we reserve the right to decline future bookings or add an additional charge for customers who cancel with less than 24 hours notice or who do not show up to their scheduled appointment.

Please remember to arrive on time for your appointment as this could effect the time allowed to groom your dog and in some instances mean your appointment will have to be rescheduled.

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